About Us

Who we are


Global Potential and strategy (GPS) facilitate mutual, beneficial and successful human collaboration, cooperation, and empowerment for the individual, teams and businesses in the local and global business environment.


Through development of leadership empowerment, high performance integrated teams, organisational culture and strategy alignment, and cross-cultural competency we facilitate socially responsible global business practices. In order to elevate individuals, teams and organisations to participate in the global business environment, with the use of internationally accredited and certified services.

Brief History

Global Potential and Strategy developed into a synergy of joint and diverse expertise between the core members of the team since its inception in 2012. In 2015 The combined expertise was streamlined as outlined here on the website. Diverse backgrounds in the areas of International Trade, Finance, and Investment, Coaching and Leadership Development; as well as Cross Cultural Competency flowed together with the aim to focus on assisting clients already in / or shifting into the Global Business arena and providing relevant timely and applicable services. In 2018 the scope was widened by augmenting partnerships with various other firms to allow for deeper application and extension of some the specialised services. With the advent of the Covid Pandemic in 2020 our evolutionary track was sped up to focus on the empowerment of Individuals, Executive Teams and Organisational Culture and Strategy.

Message from the Founder and Director

Prof Henri Bezuidenhout

The global shift in business practices in “Post Covid world” will require a definitive shift from profit centric to socially responsible and employee centric system. People will no longer be willing to be numbers on spreadsheets and companies will not be able to whitewash social responsibility as marketing events. The focus will be on the progress and empowerment of employees and how they are engaged in the organisation. The solution is Soft Skills Empowered Leaders and Integrated High Performance Executive Teams working in an environment where Culture and Strategy are aligned.